Property manager

Are you a Property Manager?

Don’t get stuck, selling homes is our business!

Do you manage apartments for rent, but you don’t have time to take care of the sale as well?

Don’t miss this opportunity and entrust the sale management of the apartments you’re currently managing to us. You’ll carry on with your Property Manager job. We’ll be in charge of selling the apartments with no hassle for you or your guests.

The right partner for you!

Our long-standing experience in both the real estate sector and the short-term rental business make us the most trustworthy partner to take care of your apartment, without any inconvenience for your activities or your guests’ needs.


You’ll continue renting the apartment for short term while it’s on sale.


We’ll conclude the sale without any inconvenience for you and your activities and pay you a commission.


You’ll make money twice: first from the short-term rental and then from the sale.

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