Why choosing Homefidence?

Make money as soon as we start managing your house

Selling your house with us is easier: many of our buyers are prospective investors who have decided to rent their new apartment for short stays.

With Homefidence waiting = earning

Sell your apartment at the best market price: waiting for the right buyer isn’t a problem anymore, but an alternative way of making money.

We’ll find the right client for your apartment and rent it for short-term in the meantime.

What do we offer?

We rent your apartment for short-term while it’s on sale. You’ll make twice as much profit!

Rent your apartment for short term while it’s on sale


Sell your house in a traditional way with standard brokerage service


Make money with both short-term rental and property sale

Brokrage NO STRESS!

Buying and selling
  1. We carry out a preliminary assessment to estimate the market value of the apartment

  2. We fully support you during the entire process, from the negotiation to the signature of the deed of sale
  1. We develop customized marketing plans to give value to your apartment

  2. We publish the ads on the best Italian and international websites and manage them carefully
Paper check
  1. We make sure the papers to sell your house are in order

  2. We carefully assess whether there is any mortgage owned on the house


A fully certified house
  1. Specialized consultants perform a structural check of the house 

  2. We verify the apartment structure matches the land registry record

  3. We make sure the apartment is provided with both the energy certificate and the certificate of occupancy
NO HASSLE support

Legal, notary and fiscal assistance for all your needs, provided by our selected partners


"Home" project
  1. Home staging: the tactic that improves your apartment and gets it ready to sell

  2. Interior design: we plan and create the house of your dreams
  3. Renovations: we take care of the renovations in greater detail

Sell ​​your apartment!